UNESCO candidate backs Fuji bid


Djibouti diplomat Rachad Farah, who is running for UNESCO’s top post, expressed hopes that Mount Fuji will be listed as a World Heritage site.

The registration of Mount Fuji will help the world know more about Japan and its culture, Farah, the Djibouti ambassador to France, said in a recent interview in Tokyo.

The registration will display the mountain’s cultural value to people across the world as well as those in Japan, said Farah, who owns a resort villa at the foot of the mountain.

The World Heritage Committee is scheduled to discuss Japan’s recommendation to register Mount Fuji in Cambodia in June.

Farah, who served 15 years as ambassador to Japan, also said he will support Japan’s bid to register “washoku” (Japanese cuisine) and sumo as intangible cultural heritages if elected as UNESCO’s director general. Two other people are running in the UNESCO race and the next chief will be determined in autumn.