Only 6.7% reading e-books: survey


The number of Japanese who use electronic readers is climbing but was just 6.7 percent in March, according to a recent survey.

The use of e-readers climbed from 3.3 percent in the previous survey two years ago, but the latest survey, by Jiji Press, said 69.8 percent of consumers don’t want to use e-books, compared with 22.2 percent who don’t have e-readers but want to use them.

By age group, 18.5 percent of those in their 30s use e-books, followed by 11.3 percent of those in their 20s.

The rate is a low 6.1 percent for people in their 40s, 4.1 percent for those in their 50s and 1.5 percent for those in 60 and older.

Among respondents between 20 and 59, the proportion of those who hope to use e-book readers came to somewhere around 25 to 30 percent. But the rate was at 11.9 percent for those 60 and over.