China troops set up camp inside India


Dozens of Chinese soldiers have set up camp in a Himalayan region claimed by India, Indian government sources say, signaling a potential renewal of border tensions between the nuclear-armed neighbors.

Chinese People’s Liberation Army troops entered Indian-claimed territory in eastern Ladakh and erected a camp on the night of April 15, the sources said.

Meanwhile, troops from the Indo-Tibetan Border Police have set up a camp 300 meters from the tents pitched by the Chinese, the sources said.

New Delhi is confident it can settle the high-altitude territorial dispute “peacefully” through diplomatic channels, the government sources added.

India and China have an unresolved frontier dispute, and relations are often prickly and marked by mutual suspicion — a legacy of a brief border war in 1962 that was waged in Ladakh and in Arunachal Pradesh state.

  • SuchindranathAiyer

    Chinese methods and territorial expansionism are well known but India’s “Quota-Corruption Raj” has priorities other than sovereignty or territorial integrity that have grown in momentum over the last sixty five years. The top most priority of what passes for “governance” in India is the accumulation of wealth siphoned out of India through criminal means in “safe havens” abroad by India’s ruling elites.