46% yet to try budget airlines: survey


A little over 46 percent of the public has never flown on a low-cost carrier and has no plans to, with older people among the most reluctant, a survey says.

More than 65 percent of those 60 or older said they have no plans to use budget airlines, suggesting that seniors, who tend to be better off financially than younger people and compromise less on quality, are warier of no-frills carriers.

Only 6.0 percent of those surveyed had actually used a budget airline but 45.5 percent said they were willing to try one.

In Japan, three budget airlines — Peach Aviation and AirAsia Japan, both affiliated with All Nippon Airways, and Jetstar Japan, a Japan Airlines affiliate — started flying in 2012.

The Jiji Press survey also found that many of the respondents care little about the lack of complimentary food and drinks on LCC flights but are dissatisfied with restrictions on refunds.

The survey covered 2,000 men and women 20 or older across Japan between March 8 and 11. Of them, 1,276 gave valid answers in face-to-face interviews.