Aomori blossoms ‘best’: poll


Residents of Aomori Prefecture spend more time and money on cherry blossom viewing than people do in the nation’s other 46 prefectures, according to a recent survey by Weathernews Inc.

The survey showed that the average per-capita number of planned cherry blossom viewing occasions in the season was 1.6, with an average total time spent of two hours and 29 minutes.

By prefecture, Aomori came first for time spent, with an average of three hours and 26 minutes, more than 30 minutes longer than Osaka in second place, with two hours and 51 minutes. The shortest time was one hour and seven minutes, in Okinawa.

The average per-capita budget for cherry blossom viewing in the season in Japan was ¥2,224. By prefecture, Aomori ranked top, with ¥2,908, with Toyama bottom of the list, with ¥1,736.

Aomori also topped the ranking for the proportion of residents who believe the cherry blossoms in their prefecture are the most beautiful in Japan, with 30 percent.

Aomori residents’ fondness for cherry blossom viewing was unexpected, an official of Weathernews said.

The survey, conducted by questionnaire over the four days from March 21, questioned 30,412 mobile phone users.

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