U.S. renews Japan, EU exemptions from Iran sanctions


The United States said it is renewing exemptions for Japan and some EU countries from the tough sanctions Washington imposed on nations buying oil from Iran.

A total of 20 countries have “continued to significantly reduce the volume of their crude oil purchases from Iran,” U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said in a statement issued Wednesday.

Japan, a close U.S. ally, has also cut imports despite energy shortfalls in the wake of the tsunami and nuclear crisis that started two years ago, granting it an exemption.

Under a law meant to pressure the Iranian leadership over its contested nuclear program, the United States bars banks from nations that purchase Tehran’s key money-maker from doing business in the world’s largest economy.

  • azooisaprison4animals

    This seems fishy – no one can deal with Iran, unless the U.S. grants an exemption???

    • Hillel Weintraub

      “fishy”? Seems more like a case of bullying at the country level – the country that’s the biggest bully of all.