No, he couldn’t: Malik Obama loses Kenya poll


His half brother may be the most powerful man in the world, but that stardust didn’t appear to rub off on Malik Obama — he failed miserably in his bid for a county gubernatorial seat in Kenya’s recently concluded polls.

Obama, 54, who shares his father with the U.S. president, won just 2,792 votes — some 140,000 behind the final winner — in his bid to claim the seat from his home area in western Kenya.

Obama, who describes himself as an economist and a financial analyst, said on the campaign trail that he would use his contacts with Washington to bring development to the rural backwater he hoped to govern.

“Why would my people settle for a local connection when they have a direct line to the White House?” he said.

Campaigning under the slogan “Obama here, Obama there,” he said he dreamed of bringing franchises such as McDonald’s to the area and launching a bid for the presidency.