Narita to reduce some landing fees


Narita International Airport Corp. will lower landing fees in April for international airlines that launch new routes or additional flights.

The reduced fees will apply to airlines that have more cumulative landing weight in a half-year period than in the corresponding period in the previous year, the company said Thursday.

The discount will cut landing fees on new or additional flights at Narita by 50 percent. The initial period will run for three years, but the company may consider an extension.

The move is intended to make the airport more competitive in line with the start in late March of open skies aviation liberalization, a process that will allow airlines to have more freedom to decide on routes and number of flights.

In a separate move, Narita will also cut landing fees in April by 5.5 percent on average.

When both discounts are applied, an airline that launches an international route using a Boeing 777-200 weighing 276 tons will pay a landing fee of ¥213,900.

This will be on par with Asian airports such as Incheon International Airport near Seoul and Changi International Airport in Singapore.