LDP eyeing 43% hike in subsidies


The Liberal Democratic Party is seeking ¥14.55 billion in government subsidies for 2013, up 43.3 percent from last year after its landslide victory in the Dec. 16 general election, according to a Jiji Press estimate.

Ten parties have filed applications for political subsidies for 2013, the internal affairs ministry said Thursday.

The Japanese Communist Party did not apply because it opposes the subsidies.

The Democratic Party of Japan is estimated to have requested ¥8.53 billion, down 48.3 percent, after losing three-quarters of its seats in the Lower House.

Among three new parties, Nippon Ishin no Kai (Japan Restoration Party) is estimated to have sought ¥2.715 billion, Seikatsu no To (People’s Life Party) ¥816 million and Midori no Kaze (Green Wind Party) ¥138 million.

The annual subsidies will total ¥32.014 billion, a sum derived by multiplying the national population by ¥250.

Subsidies to parties are determined according to numbers of lawmakers and votes gained in the recent election and are divided and paid in four batches. The amount for each party will be recalculated after the Upper House election this summer.

Election violations dip

The National Police Agency said it detected 78 violations during last month’s general election, 116 fewer than in the 2009 poll.

The NPA said 99 people were found to have broken the election law, down by 309, and 33 of them were arrested, down by 78.

The figures, covering the 30-day period following the Dec. 16 Lower House poll, were the lowest since the current election law came into force in 1950.

The number of vote-buying cases through wining and dining also dropped to just one, down by 20. Four people were involved, down by 201.