Great Wall tour firm faces sanction


The Japan Tourism Agency will cancel Amuse Travel’s tour business registration after three Japanese died during its Great Wall package tour in China in November, according to informed sources.

The administrative punishment for the Tokyo-based tour operator will be imposed after it goes through a hearing the agency plans to conduct next Tuesday, the sources said Monday.

Amuse Travel is planning to go out of business Dec. 20, but any company whose registration has been rescinded cannot voluntarily close its business and start over, as the company and its executives will be banned from new travel agency registration for five years.

According to the agency, Amuse Travel’s violations of the travel agency law can add up to a business suspension of about 72 days.

Following a horrific bus accident on the Kanetsu Expressway that killed seven people in Gunma Prefecture in April, the agency was given the authority to cancel the tour business registration of any company that accumulates 60 days of business suspensions. The Amuse Travel case will mark the first application of the new rule.