Yearly Warm Biz campaign on to cut heat use


The Environment Ministry on Thursday kicked off its seasonal campaign to cut down on energy use for heating through various small efforts in everyday life.

For this season’s Warm Biz campaign through March, the ministry is asking people to take such steps as wearing more clothing and eating hot meals such as hot-pot dishes.

Other recommendations include closing the curtains to help keep warm air in and setting home and office thermostats to 20.

With its “Warm Share” initiative, the ministry is encouraging, for instance, families to spend time together in the living room, in addition to wearing warm clothes.

The campaign began in Tokyo Thursday, with the Meteorological Agency forecasting daytime highs of 22 degrees for the capital.

The campaign started in fall 2005 as a way to counter global warming. Power-saving efforts in general have intensified since nuclear power plants across Japan were halted when the Fukushima crisis started last year.