Electric vehicle recharging services to start soon


Automakers and their partners are gearing up for the electric vehicle recharging business.

Japan Charge Network Co. announced Tuesday it will start offering recharging services on a commercial basis on Oct. 1.

Set up by Nissan Motor Co., Sumitomo Corp. and others, the Yokohama-based company will recharge electric vehicles at 50 places in the greater Tokyo area, including Nissan dealerships, gas stations and convenience stores.

The service is for registered members, who will pay ¥980 to ¥5,000 a month for membership on top of recharging fees.

Another player, Charge Network Development LLC, formed by Mitsubishi Motors Corp., Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co., plans to launch services in November at more than 200 MMC dealerships, supermarkets and convenient stores in eastern and western Japan.

The basic monthly fee will be ¥1,050 for individuals and ¥3,150 for corporate members.