Terumo woos public-private fund for Olympus merger


Terumo Corp. is considering seeking investment from public-private investment fund Innovation Network of Corp. of Japan for its proposed merger with Olympus Corp., according to Terumo President Yutaro Shintaku.

Terumo is considering a plan that would utilize public funds to stabilize the financial base of loss scandal-staggered Olympus, whose capital-to-asset ratio has deteriorated sharply, and boost the medical equipment industry.

“Through the combination of Terumo’s technology for vascular catheters and Olympus’s endoscope technology, medical appliances that are less stressful for patients can be developed,” Shintaku explained during an interview Wednesday.

He emphasized that a merger with Terumo would have greater merit for technological development than the integration of Olympus with Sony Corp. or Fujifilm Holdings Corp.