Tea growers go to the top — of Fuji


A group of tea plant cultivators in Shizuoka Prefecture have begun an attempt to dry their produce at the summit of Mount Fuji.

The group of tea growers from the city of Gotenba and the town of Oyama carried 24 kg of the first tea leaves harvested this season to the top of the mountain Tuesday morning. The process will be conducted with the help of staff at a mountain lodge.

Some 12 kg will be dried during the two-month summer climbing period and later processed for sale from September. The remainder will spend the winter on the mountain and be sold next year.

The project to produce Mount Fuji brand teas is the brainchild of Yasutoshi Sada of the prefectural government’s office for agriculture and forestry in eastern Shizuoka.

The group decided to try out his idea after carrying out tests this spring at a lava cave in Gotenba. The tea was found to have a mellow taste and smell.