Heatstroke cases in aid cars up three-fold


The number of people taken to hospitals by ambulance last month due to heatstroke grew threefold from a year earlier to 6,877, with 15 eventually dying, according to preliminary data from the Fire and Disaster Management Agency.

A heat wave late in the month saw temperatures in various parts of the nation hit their highest levels since1961. With the heat expected to intensify in coming weeks and months, the agency is advising the public to maintain room temperatures at 28 degrees or less despite the energy crisis and to drink plenty of water.

The number of people transported by ambulance due to heatstroke symptoms during the week starting June 27 rose nearly fourfold to 4,463 from the same period last year. On June 29 alone, 1,154 people were transported by ambulance due to heatstroke, with six later dying.

By prefecture, Aichi had the most ambulance-heatstroke calls during the seven-day period from June 27 at 512 people, followed by Tokyo at 398, Saitama at 331, Chiba at 283 and Kanagawa at 280. Aomori had only eight, the fewest among the 47 prefectures.

People aged 65 or older accounted for 52 percent of the total.

Those with minor heatstroke accounted for 58 percent, while 37 percent were listed as suffering from mild heatstroke and 3 percent from severe heatstroke.