Nagoya movie theater to show whaling film, ‘Cove’ as package

NAGOYA (Kyodo) A movie theater in Nagoya plans to screen a Japanese film about whaling coupled with “The Cove,” a controversial Oscar-winning documentary about Japan’s annual dolphin slaughter.

The whaling film, “Kujiratori-no-Umi,” features the activities of a Japanese “whale-research” ship, minke whale hunting in Norway and the recollections of a former whaler in Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture.

The move by Nagoya Cinematheque is apparently aimed at balancing clashing ideologies on the hunts of whales and dolphins. The combo screening may also work as a way to keep conservative Japanese protesters at bay.

The cinema will screen the 1998 documentary on whaling both in and outside Japan on a daily basis together with “The Cove” starting on Aug. 14.

“I’m sure viewers will discover something they can’t find by just watching either, so hopefully people will come and watch both,” said Yuji Hirano, manager of the 40-seat cinema.

Viewers will be charged different fees to watch both movies.

“The Cove” will be shown at six theaters in Tokyo and five other cities beginning Saturday, followed by Nagoya Cinematheque and 15 other theaters nationwide from Aug. 14.