Secretary to DPJ’s Fujita held for drug possession

Kyodo News

A secretary to Democratic Party of Japan lawmaker Yukihisa Fujita has been arrested on suspicion of possessing illegal stimulants and cannabis resin, police said Thursday.

Akihiro Sasaki, 25, a government-paid secretary to Fujita, reportedly told police the drugs were for his personal use.

After Sasaki was arrested, Fujita, 57, immediately held a news conference to apologize.

“I would like to offer a sincere apology for the fact that a member of my staff has caused trouble,” he said. “I would like to resign all my appointments in the party.”

Fujita was re-elected to the Upper House in July. Now in his second term, he is the DPJ’s deputy chief of international affairs.

Sasaki was arrested for allegedly possessing about 0.5 gram of a stimulant and about 4 grams of cannabis resin. Police said they found the drugs under a seat in a car he was driving early Monday in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo.

They said they stopped the car after he tried to make a turn at an intersection without signaling.

Fujita said Sasaki was “fired immediately” after he was arrested.