Confessed killer dodged Peru court


A Peruvian man who has admitted killing a 7-year-old Hiroshima girl last month had been ordered to appear in a Peru court for allegedly molesting a girl in 1995, the head of a local court said Sunday.

The man is suspected of illegally altering his registered name and date of birth to leave for Japan in 2004, apparently to avoid being detained by Peruvian police or airport officials, who can take into custody those ordered to appear in court.

The name of the man is Jose Manuel Torres Yake, according to Carlos Tenorio, head of a high court in Trujillo, northern Peru.

In Hiroshima, the suspect, who entered Japan under the name of Juan Carlos Pizarro Yagi, told a lawyer Sunday that the name is fake and that his real name is Jose Manuel Torres Yagi, according to the lawyer.

The suspect said he used a fake identity to buy a forged passport, the lawyer said after meeting the suspect in detention.

The Peruvian Foreign Ministry said Wednesday the man has also been registered under the name of Robert Frank Pizarro Vargas.

Police arrested him Wednesday and identified him as Juan Carlos Pizarro Yagi, but are checking with Peruvian authorities to confirm his identity.

The man named Jose Manuel Torres Yake is suspected of molesting an 8-year-old girl in November 1995 in his hometown of Guadalupe, which is under the high court’s jurisdiction.

He was ordered to appear in court after repeatedly failing to answer a summons, Tenorio said.

The order has been extended every six months and it was most recently extended Aug. 10, Tenorio said.

The man was also ordered to appear in court in connection with the suspected molestation of a 9-year-old girl in December 1992, but the statute of limitation has run out for that case, Tenorio said.