Party rock is in the hospital tonight: Redfoo assaulted in Australia


U.S. pop star Redfoo suffered a cut above his eye and had blood streaming down his face after a man allegedly threw a glass at him in a Sydney pub on Thursday.

Redfoo, a judge on Australia’s “X Factor” talent show, said he was celebrating the release of his new song — “New Thang” — at the bar in Sydney’s up-market suburb of Double Bay when he was struck in the early hours.

“All of a sudden I was talking to some girls, and bam, something hit me in the head,” the 39-year-old singer, dancer and rapper, who was treated by paramedics at the scene, told Channel Seven television.

“I just want to identify his face, so if I see him again I can say ‘You’re that kinda dude, who does that sort of stuff.’ “

“He looked at me and taunted me and winked his eye, just to say ‘I got you’ or something.”

New South Wales state police said the alleged attacker, a 21-year-old man, was charged with malicious wounding and would appear in court on Sept. 24.

Redfoo, whose real name is Stefan Gordy, added on Twitter that “jealousy is a hell of a drug.”

The son of Motown Records founder Berry Gordy Jnr, Redfoo is best known for his electropop band LMFAO.

He added that the incident was “not a reflection of Sydney, Australia,” but called for the use of plastic cups at more drinking venues.

“This is just a case of an idiot in a club.”