‘Shigeru Kashima Collection: Barbier et Laboureur and Art Deco Illustration’


by Delilah Romasanta

Staff Writer

Art Deco is often associated with architecture and design products, but it was equally influential in the field of visual arts. This exhibition presents the illustrations of artists George Barbier and Jean-Emile Laboureur, with 120 prints from the collection of scholar of French literature, Shigeru Kashima.

George Barbier created colorful plates of the latest fashions for magazines, while Jean-Emile Laboureur’s engravings exemplify the simplistic, yet modern rectilinear lines of Cubism; till June 30.

Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi; (0276) 72-8188; 2003 Hinatacho, Tatebayashi, Gunma; Tatebayashi Station, Tobu Isesaki Line. 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m. ¥ 600. Closed Mon. (except April 29, May 6), May 7. www.gmat.gsn.ed.jp/e/etop.html