‘Crime manual’ found in former yakuza office


A manual with tips on how to carry out various crimes has been found in a gangster organization’s former office in the heart of Osaka, police said Sunday.

The 206-page book, titled “Special Top Secret Information,” covers more than 100 items on successfully committing crimes, they said.

The book shows a list price of 11,000 yen, the police said, adding they are investigating whether other copies have been circulated among gangsters or other people.

The police were informed of the book by a company that was cleaning up the office in Kita Ward after the yakuza group moved out, they said. The book was found in June.

The police said each item is preceded with the warning, “Do so at your own risk.”

In a section on how to steal wallets and other belongings on the street, the book says, “Let’s do purse-snatching amid the ongoing economic slump.”

The book instructs readers to bend the license plates if they use motorbikes for crimes, and said easy targets on the street are housewives coming back from their shopping, according to the police.

The book also provides such information as how to borrow money from loan sharks without having to pay interest.