Sit-in supporter held after scuffle

Police arrested a man Wednesday after he and other supporters of two asylum-seeking Kurdish families staging a sit-in outside United Nations University in Tokyo’s Shibuya district got into a scuffle with guards.

The man, identified only as an Iranian, was arrested for assault, having allegedly shoved one of the U.N.U. guards as they were removing posters in support of the Kurds from the university’s walls.

The Tokyo office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, which is located at the university, also ordered the families of Ahmet Kazankiran and Erdal Dogan to leave the campus, where their tent is situated, said Fumio Azuma, a supporter and a teacher at the high school that Kazankiran’s daughters attend. The UNHCR office had given them the tent but said that it would not allow them to stay on the premises permanently, the supporters said.