Teen prankster facing family court


Police on Friday turned over to a family court their case against a 15-year-old boy who allegedly posted a prank message on an Internet bulletin board threatening to randomly kill elementary school students in Kanagawa Prefecture.

The high school student, whose name is being withheld, obstructed police by using a personal computer at his home in Kosai, Shizuoka Prefecture, on July 31 to post the message on the Channel 2 Internet board, police said.

Obstructing police is a violation of the Minor Offenses Law.

Police filed an investigative report on the student with the Hamamatsu branch of the Shizuoka Family Court.

They quoted the boy as saying, “Since I heard a person was arrested earlier for a similar act, I wanted to confirm whether police would really respond to such a message.” He has apologized, they said.

Kanagawa police tracked down the boy after being alerted to the message by a local citizen who read it.