Snap-happy tourist held in Kosovo


U.N. police in Kosovo temporarily detained a Japanese tourist in Kosovska Mitrovica on Saturday for taking photos without authorization, a U.N. police official said Sunday.

The tourist, a man apparently in his late 20s, was freed after being questioned for over one hour Saturday night, said a spokeswoman for the police force for the U.N. Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo.

Only accredited journalists are allowed to take photos in the Serb province of Kosovo, the spokeswoman said.

The Japanese man’s identity could not be obtained from the Bisevac motel in the city where he was staying. The clerk said the guest left the motel Sunday morning but that no record of his stay was available.

A local journalist said the Japanese tourist was caught in Kosovska Mitrovica after being “tailed” by a U.N. police car and a military vehicle with U.S. soldiers aboard.

“I think they were afraid he might be connected with some Muslim terrorists and making photos for them,” the journalist, Branislav Krstic, told Kyodo News by telephone.