Publisher ordered to pay architect

A court order for magazine publisher Bungeishunju Ltd. to print an apology and pay 6 million yen in compensation to architect Kisho Kurokawa was finalized Tuesday as the Supreme Court rejected an appeal by the publisher.

Kurokawa filed the libel suit for redress after the Shukan Bunshu weekly magazine, published by Bungeishunju, alleged in its April 6, 2000, edition that many local citizens criticized the modern Toyota Bridge in Aichi Prefecture, whose design he supervised.

Bungeishunju’s claim that the apology violates freedom of conscience and expression was rejected by Justice Toyozo Ueda, who presided over the case at the top court’s No. 3 Petty Bench.

“If the content of the apology advertisement is simply to state the truth and express one’s apology, it won’t violate the Constitution,” Ueda said.