In the dynamic health care landscape, innovation plays a pivotal role in offering hope and enhancing lives. According to Takashi Okamoto, president of Chugai Pharma Taiwan, the mission is clear: “To develop and deliver innovative drugs to patients, addressing unmet medical needs and enhancing the health of the Taiwanese people.”

Takashi Okamoto, President of Chugai Pharma Taiwan | PHOTO: CHUGAI PHARMA TAIWAN
Takashi Okamoto, President of Chugai Pharma Taiwan | PHOTO: CHUGAI PHARMA TAIWAN

Since its inception, Chugai has been driven by a patient-centric principle, striving relentlessly to pursue medical excellence and meet the diverse needs of patients worldwide. With a rich legacy of pioneering breakthroughs in antibody technology, Chugai has introduced revolutionary drugs like Actemra and Hemlibra, providing effective treatments for rheumatoid arthritis, COVID-19 and hemophilia.

“Our strong desire for innovation, our challenge to generate solutions that do not exist yet, and our commitment to helping patients and families are all encapsulated in our slogan, ‘Innovation Beyond Imagination,’”  Okamoto affirmed.

This relentless pursuit of innovation has been further bolstered by the strategic alliance with Roche since 2002, enabling Chugai to leverage global networks and infrastructure for the development and commercialization of groundbreaking medical solutions.

Looking ahead, Chugai Pharma Taiwan is poised to become a top innovator in the global health industry by 2030, driven by a vision of a world where effective treatments are readily available for all diseases. “Our commitment is to accelerate the introduction of our drugs to improve health care in Taiwan,” Okamoto emphasized.

Internally, Chugai Pharma Taiwan aspires to be the most respected company in Taiwan, fostering a culture of excellence, integrity and social responsibility.

“We encourage all employees and their families to participate in initiatives related to the environment, sustainability, and social causes,” Okamoto said. Through collective action and a shared commitment to societal well-being, Chugai aims to create lasting value for patients, families and communities alike.

As Chugai Pharma Taiwan continues to innovate and excel, it appreciates the support of its stakeholders and remains committed to overcoming challenges to improve health care outcomes and foster progress.