Since the first plants came to Guatemala in the mid-1700s, coffee has been a catalyst for the economy and the development of the country. 

By the end of the 19th century, coffee cultivation had spread throughout the country, adapting to and overcoming the harshness of nature to move forward. It was around this time that the quality of Guatemalan coffee began to be acclaimed.

In 1960, the Guatemalan National Coffee Association (ANACAFE) was founded, aiming to support the local industry and improve its competitiveness. In the 1990s, the association decided to focus Guatemala’s competitive advantage on its well-known quality, and the brand name Guatemalan Coffees was launched.

Despite being small in size, Guatemala is a very diverse country in terms of topography, microclimates and culture. The country has a variety of ecosystems that have an impact on the quality of coffee.

Today, coffee production is recognized as an intangible heritage of the country. It is still one of the main agricultural exports, and its quality keeps it top of mind among roasters and consumers. It is a source of income, employment and pride for more than 125,000 Guatemalan families.

Guatemala is the first origin country to come up with the idea of profiling coffee regions, showing consumers that varietals, microclimates and growing conditions have a huge impact on its taste. 

These profiles describe the most relevant characteristics of the coffees produced within a region. However, when analyzing a coffee individually, people are often surprised by its complexity. 

After 25 years, it has been time to innovate and reinvent. In 2021, ANACAFE identified the unique characteristics and advantages of the Guatemalan Coffees brand and launched a strategy to find new ways to improve the income of coffee producers and their families and benefit the entire supply chain. With this, the association aims to increase the international consumption of these unique coffees in a long-term and sustainable way.

Guatemalan Coffees has made its mark on the international stage. The coffees under this brand consistently rank among the world’s best, winning awards and garnering praise from coffee enthusiasts worldwide. The unique flavor profiles, commitment to sustainability and rigorous quality-control measures make this brand a true treasure to discover. 

This recognition has greatly contributed to Guatemala’s economy and its global image, creating a community that works together in an inclusive manner, from producers to consumers, for the future of Guatemalan Coffees.