Quality is in the details, and every product is only as good as its smallest parts.

With over a century in the toolmaking industry, having been established in 1916, Osaka-based Vessel Group makes it their business to ensure quality at a fundamental level. The company manufactures top-notch screwdrivers, driving bits, industrial tools and electrostatic discharge-related items to secure any product at its most basic components: its screws and bolts.

From securing small-scale consumer goods to enabling the success of large-scale building projects, Vessel has a range of unique handheld, electrical, pneumatic, industrial, and gasoline engine tools to get the job done — and to get it done well.

With a growing demand in the European market, Vessel-Europe has been headquartered in Maurepas, France, on the borders of Paris, since 2010. Leveraging its long-established expertise in the industry, Vessel-Europe supplies European retailers with top-quality products that are often unavailable from local suppliers.

Stephanie K. Tokuoka, Representative Vessel-Europe | © VESSEL-EUROPE
Stephanie K. Tokuoka, Representative Vessel-Europe | © VESSEL-EUROPE

“Our European retailers and regional distributors, like Foussier and EQIP, are very, very happy. Of course, we respect that they care about their local suppliers, which is why we try to supply them with original Vessel products that they can’t get in France,” Stephanie K. Tokuoka, Vessel-Europe’s representative, shared.

To keep up with the increase in demand and growth, as well as the ever-evolving times, Vessel has invested heavily in robotics technology, for which it has developed an array of fastening bits. 

The company has likewise ventured into a newer, more eco-friendly phase of technology, all while strengthening each aspect of its operations.

“We will further develop sales channels, such as building hardware, mechanical engineering, electronic equipment, automobile maintenance and e-commerce, as well as strengthen relationships with retail companies. All this helps create new jobs, new marketing and new business lines; it makes business more fruitful,” Tokuoka explained.

Moreover, Vessel continues to invest in its people, maximizing individual talent and focusing internally to build its team. 

“The objective is to develop future executives; so, we maximize the individual skills of each employee and their ability to achieve success. We motivate our team and foster a spirit of unity — solidarity for success is the foundation of Vessel. It’s quite a tough job, but it’s really pleasurable work.”