Founded in 1951, leading Japanese engineering trading company Shinwa Co. opened its U.S. operations in Kentucky in 1987 as the first step to exporting its metal-joining expertise. After more than 70 years, Shinwa has expanded its operations to five divisions: the Joining Technology Center, Main-Tech Center, Smart Factory Innovation Center, Mechatronics Systems Center, and the Aerospace and Aircraft Center.

Its Smart Factory Innovation Center specializes in the design, engineering, validation and implementation of diverse manufacturing and quality-monitoring control systems used in more than 20 countries around the world, including several automotive factories in North America. Shinwa has also diversified the product and service portfolio of its trading business by offering value-added technical support for manufacturers that want to increase productivity and improve quality control.

It is also working on projects related to electrification, particularly laser welding technology used in battery manufacturing.

“Once we validate and introduce that technology with our Japanese customers, more specifically EV (electric vehicle) battery manufacturers we are working with in Japan, we can bring that technology to our U.S. customers,” explained Shinwa Senior Managing Executive Officer Yoshiro Takitani.

Aware of the rapid changes in the global supply chain, the company is confident it can develop and deliver quick solutions to its global clientele.

“Shinwa quickly adapts and implements new technologies so that we can better provide support to our business partners and customers,” Takitani said.