Food security is a vital aspect of national security. The ability of a nation to feed its population is not only necessary for its survival and strength, but also to bolster its standard of living. Thus, farmers and growers strive to maximize food production as safely and sustainably as possible, all while ensuring an adequate profit margin.

Daniel Pribis, President of Sumi Agro Czech | © SUMI AGRO CZECH
Daniel Pribis, President of Sumi Agro Czech | © SUMI AGRO CZECH

Sumi Agro Czech leverages its experience, expertise and vast network — as well as its Japanese heritage — to safeguard the country at its most basic level: the food chain.

Sumi Agro Czech has been operating in the Czech agrochemicals market since 2002 under Sumi Agro Europe, and since the early 1990s as a division of Japanese conglomerate Sumitomo Corp. The Slovakia branch, meanwhile, was built from the ground up and now has a dynamic market.

Although the company is among the smallest members of Sumi Agro Europe, it has the biggest market share in its territories, having grown by 7% in the past nine years, owing in part to its excellent team of industry professionals.

“The Czech and Slovak regions have 11% and 12% market shares, which puts us in fourth and fifth positions, right behind the multinational giants,” said Daniel Pribis, president of Sumi Agro Czech.

“Also, Sumi Agro Czech has the highest share of wallet from Japanese manufacturers. About 60% to 70% of our total turnover is based on the Japanese original products,” he added.

Sumi Agro Czech is a big proponent of crop protection in the Czech and Slovak markets.

Among the many important molecules it offers, Mospilan, Sumi Agro’s legacy product, sold in several brands and formulations, is an insecticide with the active ingredient acetamiprid. Sumimax, an herbicide with the active ingredient flumioxazin, is another original Japanese agrochemical product propagated by Sumi Agro Czech.

“Often, chemical products are necessary to protect the crops and the economics of our farms — our scientifically formulated products are safe and effective. Thanks to Sumitomo Corporation Japan’s new technologies and their original products, we are helping to protect the yield and economy of Czech and Slovakia.”