Harry Kolb Travel Services has been organizing trips from Switzerland to Japan and the Far East for 40 years.

“Our professional guides are very familiar with the local customs, history and geography of the countries we visit,” Managing Director Harry Kolb shared.

“We work with select local partners and have a keen understanding of these fascinating destinations, enabling us to offer our clients the best advice and my personal assurance for the quality and reliability of our travel services.”

Harry Kolb has successfully designed and operated high-level incentive tours for Japanese companies in Switzerland and Swiss multinationals with operations in Japan.

According to Kolb, “These incentive tours are popular with Swiss people working in Japanese firms who are interested in learning about kaizen, the Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement.”

Tokyo office: 604, 2-1, 3-chome,
Kamiitabashi, Itabashi Ward, Tokyo 174-0076
Tel: +81 (0) 3-3934-2014
Read more about their tailored services showcasing the best of Switzerland on Bridges: https://bit.ly/CHJP-harrykolb



The idyllic village of Zermatt at the foot of the Swiss Alps offers stunning views of the world-famous Matterhorn.

Famous for its ski resorts and mountaineering, Zermatt attracts travelers from across the globe with its year-round appeal.

Book a Zermatt tapas tour or private cycling guide and check out the other special offers at www.zermatt.ch.



Marc Nydegger, managing owner of Shizuku GmbH, has been the undisputed sake expert in the Zurich area for years.

His background as a Japanologist, his cultural knowledge of Japan as well as his confident Japanese  skills contribute to his extensive know-how about the sake world, which he regularly shares at his events, food pairings and lectures.

“More and more of our customers are using sake in their cuisine and cocktails,” Nydegger shared.

“I personally like Shirayuki Edo Genroku with Roquefort or Goriki Junmai at room temperature with a good steak.”

Explore Shizuku’s extensive selection of sakes and try some with Swiss fondue or raclette.



Sala of Tokyo

Sala of Tokyo is a name resonating in the ears of most Japanese food lovers in Switzerland. Given its founding year of 1981, it is Switzerland’s oldest Japanese restaurant in business today.

“We live old traditions with new innovation, serve authentic everyday dishes and exclusive dining experiences altogether. The heart-warming food and welcoming shout of ‘irasshaimase’ (welcome) will beam you right to Japan,” shared Lorenz Muster, who manages the place.

“Not only do we serve Japanese food, but we also build a bridge between two countries rather far from each other geographically, yet not so different culturally, and we are very proud to do so.”

Sala de Tokyo is just a two-minute walk from Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich’s main train station. Visit them and enjoy the authentic dishes prepared by their Japanese chefs.