One of the hallmarks of any successful business is how its products or services benefit the end user. This not only ensures the viability of the brand, but also defines its ethos as a responsible corporation.

Marking 65 years of robust business in Malaysia, Boon Siew Honda is well-acquainted with this principle. This milestone anniversary comes at an auspicious time, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of Malaysia’s Look East Policy, as well as the 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and Japan.

The company was founded in 1957, when the late Tan Sri Dato’ Loh Boon Siew met Soichiro Honda, prompting the pair to forge a vision to promote “a more meaningful life for Malaysians through personal mobility.” Over six decades later, the company is still focused  on establishing impactful connections with the Malaysian community, a largely motorbike-riding population.

Mitsuharu Funase, Managing Director and CEO of Boon Siew Honda | © BOON SIEW HONDA
Mitsuharu Funase, Managing Director and CEO of Boon Siew Honda | © BOON SIEW HONDA

The brand’s Bahasa Malaysia tagline, “Semangat Impian” (“Passion Towards Dreams”),  illustrates the passion towards dreams and ambition, a bond that Boon Siew Honda shares with its riders.

“Honda is founded on respect for other cultures. This has always been a priority for us: We think of perspectives and how we can work together, in order to contribute to the Malaysian people,” shared Boon Siew Honda’s Managing Director and CEO Mitsuharu Funase.

Having joined the company in January, Funase is poised to continue his predecessor’s legacy of growth, with sales expected to rise from 5 million units in 2017 to  6 million in 2022.

“Malaysia has its own uniqueness, in that it allows all bikes to run on the highways. We’ve developed bikes that are suitable for this. We’ve also enhanced our dealer network:
Big Wing is for big bikes (250 cubic centimeters and above) and Impian X dealers are for commuting bikes (300 cc and below). We’ve really streamlined and improved our after-sale service quality for our customers,” Funase added.

These developments further strengthen the company’s position in the Malaysian community and the country as a whole.

“Our motor­cycles enable Malaysians to commute to work; thus, we play a critical role in supporting other industries. By expanding our business and sales, we help other industries
expand as well. It makes us very proud, to be among the industries that support the development of Malaysia.”