As part of the NTT Group, Japan’s largest telecommunications company, NTT Communications China was established in 2004.

Headquartered in Shanghai, the company has 12 offices — from Beijing in the north to Guangzhou in the south — and serves customers in over 100 cities in China.

The company delivers high-quality information and communication technology infrastructure services, including networks, data centers and clouds, and supports corporate digital transformation through big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and managed services.

Jianming Zhang, CEO of NTT Communications China | © NTT
Jianming Zhang, CEO of NTT Communications China | © NTT

“Our group company is officially licensed by the Chinese government to provide data centers, cloud services and ‘SaaS’ (software as a service) and is a leader among the foreign-affiliated companies in China’s ICT industry,” said Jianming Zhang, CEO of NTT Communications China.

Customer support is key and the company established its Customer Service Center in Dalian in 2006. In addition to delivering ICT construction, maintenance and operation solutions, NTT Communications China has established strong partnerships with China Telecom and Net 263.

“Our knowledge-based solutions are backed by 18 years of doing business in China,” Zhang said.

“In mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea, our network allows us to support clients and deliver suitable security measures to NTT customers across the region.”

Many Japanese companies have already made inroads into the Chinese market and utilize Chinese-made products and services to facilitate their data distribution across the country.

Factories have become paperless, smart glasses are used to inspect facilities remotely and corporate digital transformation has become a priority.

“Our ‘Borderless Meeting Assist’ service supports real-time multilingual meetings using AI (artificial intelligence) translation technology,” Zhang explained.

“Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Our new managed security service is designed to prevent or minimize the impact of such attacks. Secure Remote Access provides customers with secure access to their internal
ICT systems, anywhere, anytime. We will continue to work closely with our partners in China and develop new services and solutions and ensure business continuity.”