“Our early Japanese clients labeled our first collaboration ‘the dream project,’” shared Ritesh Sood, managing director and co-founder of SVM Solutions and Technologies Pte. Ltd. — Solverminds.

Solverminds is a leading global technology company serving the maritime industry since 2003.

As customer needs and goals continue to evolve, Solverminds is driven to provide data and process-driven solutions, technology, analytics, consulting and research and development to deliver successful projects of the highest standard.

Ritesh Sood, Managing Director and Co-Founder of SVM Solutions and Technologies | © SVM
Ritesh Sood, Managing Director and Co-Founder of SVM Solutions and Technologies | © SVM

“We wanted to deliver solutions based on end-to-end industry knowledge and established Solverminds to address the issues from a compliance and environment, social and corporate governance (ESG) approach,” Sood explained.

“Applying this approach to the day-to-day processes leads the ship’s management to function as centers of excellence.”

Sood is a master mariner with more than 20 years’ experience working with Japanese maritime companies. He co-founded Solverminds’ Singapore operations in 2017 to address the need for the shipping industry to improve compliance and transparency.

Solvermind’s MACK (MAnaging Content and Knowledge) is a cloud-based digital ship-management solution that won Singapore Business Review’s prestigious Technology Excellence Award last year.

The data-driven decision-making system provides a holistic approach to ship management by delivering best industry practices and enhancing cross-functional relationships between ship- and shore-based staff.

“Our customers and seafarers have played important roles by contributing to the continued improvement of our innovative technology solutions,” Sood shared.

Solverminds’ Zenith platform complements MACK by enabling ship owners and ship-management companies to accurately identify performance risks, leading to better-informed management decisions.

NYK Group, K Line Energy Ship Management, and many other prominent Japanese companies have already put their trust in Solverminds’ solutions to help them achieve their corporate ESG and digitalization goals for ship management.

“Rather than providing one standard solution, we work as technology and innovation partners and empower management to ensure the successful digital transformation of their businesses,” Sood said.

“We will continue to support international maritime companies and assist them with their compliance, transparency, automation and analytical objectives.”