OSM is a leading ship management company providing high-quality service solutions for the global maritime and offshore industries.

“We have great people, it’s all about people after all in OSM” shared Simona Toma, managing director of OSM Asia.

Simona Toma, Managing Director of OSM Asia | © OSM
Simona Toma, Managing Director of OSM Asia | © OSM

“Our dedicated and highly skilled workforce comes from diverse backgrounds and provides the best solutions for our customers and partners. The ingredients for a great service in our view include a competent organization at shore and onboard, robust processes, transparency and the right tools.”

With a sailing background, Simona has been active in the maritime industry since 2006 and holds a master’s degree in maritime law and a bachelor’s degree in naval engineering and navigation.

“As part of the OSM Maritime Group, we leverage the group’s strengths. These include offering our clients access to our global network and our large managed fleet equipped with the latest technologies. We are a leading group in our industry, but at the same time we are willing to tailor-make  solutions to meet our customers’ expectations. Our global setup demonstrated in practice that even during the pandemic we can safeguard the business continuity for our customers’ vessels.”

OSM focuses on technical management and crew management services. Safety and reliability are critical aspects of everyday operations, and strategic partnerships allow the company to take care of assets and deliver optimum operational results.

“We cooperate closely with a number of Japanese companies within the maritime and offshore segments and our focus is to further expand our ship management services,” Toma said.

“By embracing digitalization, we are transforming our decision-making and driving sustainability. Our recently established ‘OSM Green’ initiative enables us to focus on the important milestones ahead, as an industry and as a company. The right knowledge, skills and technology ensure our employees, seafarers and shore organization make a difference.”


“With our largest ship management setup here, Singapore is a strategic hub for us and gives us access to partners across the APAC (Asia-Pacific) region.”

“Singapore is an important base for maritime talent and as we emerge from the pandemic, we are seeing a much more collaborative approach from industry partners. Moving forward, the pandemic has taught us to come together and work as partners to the benefit of the industry and our people,” Toma concluded.