The maritime industry is riding the wave of innovative technologies and iO3 is helping to drive digital transformation.

“Key decisions are becoming more data-driven and innovations are increasing operational efficiency, reducing carbon footprints across all sectors and improving ship connectivity,” explained
Kenny Koh, chief executive officer of iO3 Pte. Ltd.

Kenny Koh, CEO of iO3 | © iO3
Kenny Koh, CEO of iO3 | © iO3

According to Koh, many vessels have to integrate and manage multiple software applications in a low-bandwidth connectivity environment.

Furthermore, the maritime industry is vulnerable to cyberattacks as industry players increase their use of interconnectivity and new technology.

The company offers JARVISS (Just A Really Very Intelligent System) as a main network device solution for vessels. JARVISS’ data acceleration technology integrates a suite of services and third-party software while providing high-data throughput, low latency and optimized video applications.

“Our solutions allow ship managers and operators to survey conditions and troubleshoot remotely in real time, all of which leads to reduced operational cost,” Koh said.

“We monitor ship performance and aggregate data to provide intelligent outcomes to help our clients make better decisions.”

Last year iO3 was selected to be the maritime digital solutions partner for K Line Ship Management Singapore (KLSM).

In addition to providing information technology maintenance for KLSM’s fleet, iO3 will deliver a suite of maritime digital solutions.

These include V.Sion smart glasses with first-view, real-time augmented reality remote videoconferencing, and V.Sight, a camera surveillance and video analytics solution that detects accidents, falls, smoke and even intrusions into restricted areas.

“Our journey with KLSM has been enjoyable — we push boundaries, test new technologies and share the same vision,” Koh said.

By introducing advanced technologies and promoting efficiency, iO3’s development team is rolling out exciting, cost-effective and practical solutions.

“As we continue to strengthen our technical capabilities, we intend to expand the iO3 network across Asia,” Koh concluded.