Established in 1848, University of Wisconsin–Madison lives up to the state’s growing reputation as one of the country’s leading centers for education and innovation. Among its most sought-out degrees and programs are those in engineering, medicine, science, law and public administration, in addition to computer science, data management, and information sciences.

To date, UW–Madison has 13 schools and colleges offering more than 250 undergraduate degrees and certificates and more than 250 master’s, doctoral and professional programs to over 40,000 students.

With a strong international student and alumni base and as a leader in study abroad, UW–Madison has fostered a wide international network that includes many Japanese partners. That openness has helped raise the profile of UW–Madison across the world and in the United States, where it is among the top-ranked public universities.

The university is also a leader in language education and research, boasting one of the most comprehensive Japanese programs in the U.S. Language study prepares students to become outstanding leaders who are engaged locally, nationally, and globally.

With its private-sector, research and nonprofit partners, the university also offers excellent internship programs abroad. Central Japan Railway Co. has hosted the university’s interns since 2000, making it the longest-running program, as well as the most competitive.

“Demand for internships in Japan has been increasing year after year. We have also been successful in offering virtual internships with partners based in Japan. This not only addressed COVID-19 travel restrictions, but also makes it accessible to more students. And we’re looking forward to resuming in-person programs as soon as we can,” said Michelle Kern Hall, director of the International Internship Program and a graduate of UW–Madison’s Japanese program.

“Japan is our top destination for internships abroad for a reason. We’re very eager to hear from new partners who see value in working with UW–Madison students and in strengthening their connections with Wisconsin and the Midwest. We value the great opportunities that already exist and want to continue to build on that momentum,” she added.

Visit https://go.wisc.edu/iip-japan-partner to learn more.