As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to strain the global economy and its supply chain, Omron Management Center of America has addressed prevailing challenges by allowing more flexible work arrangements and adopting social media and digital marketing, fully aware that health and well–being have become the primary consideration of people.

Omron Management Center of America Chairman and CEO Nigel Blakeway
Omron Management Center of America Chairman and CEO Nigel Blakeway

In its health care business, Omron launched a “Going for Zero” mission for heart attacks and strokes. In the U.S. it rolled out VitalSight, a remote patient monitoring business designed to manage hypertension and foster increased patient-to-physician communication and data sharing to improve treatment engagement and health outcomes.

For nearly 50 years, Omron has invested in the future of heart health and has shaped this era of self-care. VitalSight was developed before the pandemic.

Located at its Americas headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, the Omron Automation Center is where customers and partners receive hands-on training, collaborate with experts and explore innovations in manufacturing and automation.

Omron Management Center of America works closely with 36 other automation centers around the world to host customers and provide engineering and application solutions to critical challenges, both in person and virtually.

In its automation and robotics business, Omron has strengthened its commitment to develop products and services that improve the lives of society as a whole. Because of a shortage in manpower in the automation sector, Omron ventured into collaborative robotics, which will result in a more efficient and sophisticated manufacturing industry.

For Chairman and CEO Nigel Blakeway, while Omron Management Center of America has incorporated robotics in its warehouses and manufacturing sites, the company still gives more importance to its human capital.

“What is working for us is developing our people’s talent, continuing to meet our environmental sustainability goals and continuing to be a socially responsible company,” Blakeway said.

In the last five years, amid rapid changes in the global economy and society, Omron remains faithful to its founder’s call to adopt a complete view of what is happening in all stages of the economy and all the needs of society. With the growth of the autonomous society, safety is paramount.

“Because automation has increased in the workplace, bringing in more human workers means we also have preventative safety in that environment ,” Blakeway said.

On doing business in the Midwest, Blakeway stressed, “It has been such a positive environment for us in terms of talent as we work with the top universities and several engineering companies here in the region.”