Kitagawa & Ebert is one of the few American law firms that has won many trials and arbitrations for prominent Japanese business clients in federal courts and arbitrations in multiple states in the USA. The firm has lawyers licensed in California, Texas, Georgia, New York, Michigan, Nevada and Alabama and among the very few who are admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court.

“In the USA, only 1% of civil cases go to trial, so very few U.S. lawyers have actual trial and arbitration experience,” stressed partner Lisa Kitagawa, who is the third of only four American lawyers to have graduated from Kyoto University. She also attended the University of Tokyo. Partner James Ebert, who also attended Kyoto University, is a lawyer and a Certified Public Accountant.

“Japanese bilingual lawyers are typically limited to transactional matters or participate only as interpreters or observers because they lack the fluency in Legal English, as well as skills in legal research, strategy, writing and litigation, all required for complex business litigation, trials and arbitrations. Most Japanese bilingual lawyers lack litigation or actual trial and arbitration experience, and do not have a deep understanding of U.S. history and business culture,” Kitagawa said.

“Japanese businesses engage our firm for guidance with business legal risk management and entrust us with complex business litigation matters because we are experienced U.S. business lawyers who win difficult trials and arbitrations. We are respected for our winning strategies and ability to communicate persuasively and respectfully with clients, opposing lawyers, judges and arbitrators. We skillfully navigate through complex business matters and build bridges so that our clients succeed and win,” she added.

Because of its sophisticated utilization of technology, despite the pandemic, the firm continues to grow and expand its Japanese client base, which encompasses a broad spectrum of industries, including energy, technology, automobiles, logistics, manufacturing, food, pharmaceuticals, real estate, finance, investment, entertainment, the internet, biotechnology, construction, design, engineering and banking.

“With our firm’s extensive business experience, Japanese bilingual team, and understanding of U.S. and Japan cultures, we are successful in winning complex business disputes. We also have a busy transactional business practice in contracts, corporate, real estate, employment and other matters,” Kitagawa said.

“We understand the complexities of doing business in the USA. We provide experienced business strategies including risk management for our clients’ success in the USA,” she added.