Bridges: Why do companies choose to work with Wise Finance Solutions?

Bogdan Hossu, General Manager of Wise Finance Solutions | © WFS
Bogdan Hossu, General Manager of Wise Finance Solutions | © WFS

Hossu: We have established a presence in Japan, a unique step for a company with Eastern European origins, and are able to serve Japanese clients in their own language.

With our roots in Central and Eastern Europe, Wise Finance Solutions and our staff in Japan provide comprehensive information on major European countries.

We have strengthened our cooperative networks with partners such as the Japan International Cooperation Agency, the Japan Bank for International Cooperation and private companies.

Today our main activities are focused on financial consultancy, project management, consultancy for obtaining nonreimbursable funds for investments, and human resource services.

As Romania and Japan look toward the next 100 years, how do you see investments and partnerships developing?

Japanese people are outstanding and have a unique mindset. Long-term growth is a key aspect of Japanese society and thus Japanese people are often prudent until they make a first step.

Japan has begun to discover Romania quite recently and therefore we should be patient and better understand their approach to partner countries while recognizing members of the Japanese business community are very reliable partners.

What message do you have for our readers regarding both the future of the Romania-Japan relationship and Wise Finance Solutions?

Japanese companies have focused on Asian markets as an initial step toward their foreign expansion.

Nevertheless, they realized the risk of concentrating their hubs in certain areas in light of the impact of the pandemic on supply chains and continued competition.

From this perspective, Romania and its neighboring countries are well positioned as investment destinations in the next few years.

At Wise Finance Solutions, we will continue contributing to the European and Asian partnership and actively strengthen the Romania-Japan relationship.