Bridges: Turbomecanica has an illustrious history. How important is it for Turbomecanica to continue building partnerships and driving innovation?

Radu Viehmann, President and CEO of Turbomecanica | © TURBOMECANICA
Radu Viehmann, President and CEO of Turbomecanica | © TURBOMECANICA

Viehmann: It is of the utmost importance for any business to be flexible. Recent years have shown us that risk planning and contingency actions need to be fine-tuned in order to navigate these challenging times.

In the past, partnerships and businesses were driven by legal terms and clauses. Today we notice that general attitudes have shifted to include “putting shoulder to shoulder” and “offering a helping hand.” Communication, understanding and help have contributed to a more united business community. Building strong partnerships plays an important role in business continuity planning and also provides new development opportunities.

As a company, Turbomecanica continues to be a reliable partner for domestic and international customers in the aviation industry and we are looking forward to expanding our partnerships.

In this respect, 2021 marked an important strategic achievement for the company as we received EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) Part 145 C7 certification. This adds to our list of capabilities, including our existing EASA Part 21G production certification and our wide range of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services provided to partners such as Rolls Royce, Leonardo Helicopters, General Electric, Airbus and Safran Helicopter Engines.

Turbomecanica is the only national manufacturer and provider of MRO services to the Romanian Ministry of Defense, Secret Services and Navy. With regard to engine and helicopter assemblies, our goal for 2022 is to further enhance our capabilities by gaining the military certifications EMAR (European Military Airworthiness Requirements) Part 145 and Part 21.

Looking to the future, our business innovation strategy represents our desire to reinvent ourselves in terms of our capabilities and continuously improve our processes in terms of efficiency, efficacy and digitalization.

What can customers and partners expect from Turbomecanica in 2022 in terms of quality, capability and flexibility?

We have earned our reputation by delivering quality solutions to our customers. Last year, Rolls Royce appreciated Turbomecanica for being one of the few partners capable of delivering conforming parts for their recently developed business jet engine.

Our flexibility relates to our ability to adjust quickly and calmly to short-term change. This allows us to address unexpected tasks effectively and react to changes in the demands of our customers and partners.

Our machining capabilities and special chemical processes and heat treatment solutions enable us to provide complete in-house services, an asset for many of our customers.

Customers and partners can always expect high-quality services as we aim for perfection, enhance production and create MRO opportunities supported by our EASA and EMAR certifications.

Flexibility is the golden word during these challenging times. We promise to support our existing and future customers as we develop fruitful partnerships together.

We are fully aware that reliable partnerships are built over time and look forward to consolidating future opportunities. We are well positioned to welcome new civil and military aviation partners and strategic investment partners who are willing to work together on projects that rely on our expertise and know-how.

By sharing technological knowledge and our experienced workforce and impeccable quality systems, new opportunities are on the horizon for Turbomecanica.