Since it was founded in 1923, global information and communication technology services, solutions and products company Fujitsu has had a long-standing heritage as a purpose-driven organization that connects people, ideas and technology to help create a thriving and more sustainable society for tomorrow.

Graeme Beardsell, CEO of Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand | © FUJITSU
Graeme Beardsell, CEO of Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand | © FUJITSU

Fugaku, the world’s fastest supercomputer, is an example of a solution Fujitsu has developed to help solve some of society’s most pressing challenges, including COVID-19 management, climate change and cancer research.

This purpose-driven philosophy embraced by Fujitsu transcends its headquarters in Japan and encompasses its Australian operations, which have a dedicated Office of Purpose that manages the organization’s sustainability, social impact and diversity and inclusion (D&I) programs.

“The Office of Purpose provides us with the road map for our transformation efforts internally across the areas of sustainability, social impact and D&I, and allows us to shape the solutions that best meet our customers’ evolving needs,” said Graeme Beardsell, CEO of Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand who established the Office of Purpose in 2021.

The results have contributed to Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand being named Bronze Employer in the 2021 Australia Workplace Equality Index, and further reinforced Fujitsu’s position as a trusted partner to its customers across both the public and private sectors.

Graeme points to the company’s strong relationship with Australia’s major supermarket Woolworths as an example.

“We are proud of our partnership with Woolworths and how we have enabled them to continue operating and servicing Australians, particularly as the company experienced a significant increase in online grocery transactions amid a rapidly changing landscape brought on by pandemic lockdowns,” Beardsell explained.    

Fujitsu Australia also affirms that much of its success is due to its trusted and close relationships with customers.

“Our customers often refer to us as a company with high integrity, a trusted provider that delivers what we say we will do. We truly value this feedback as it is a direct testament to our continued commitment as a purpose-led organization,” Beardsell said.