Woodside Energy has supplied liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Japan for over 30 years and has successfully delivered more than 5,800 LNG cargoes from Australia to Japan.

“We have a strong and enduring relationship with our Japanese customers and our Japanese joint venture partners bring tremendous capabilities to our North West Shelf and Pluto LNG production sites,” shared Meg O’Neill, CEO of Woodside.

Meg O’Neill, CEO of Woodside | © WOODSIDE
Meg O’Neill, CEO of Woodside | © WOODSIDE

This includes the 50-50 partnership between Mitsui & Co. and Mitsubishi Corp., Japan Australia LNG, which is part of the North West Shelf joint venture with Woodside, and other partners. LNG from the North West Shelf helps address the needs of electricity and gas consumers in Japan.

“LNG is an important commodity in a decarbonizing world and we firmly believe it will play an important role in delivering on the net-zero aspirations of many of our customer nations, including Japan,” she continued.

LNG emits half the emissions of coal (with the same output) when used to generate electricity, and the high-energy density provides a firming capacity to support renewable sources.

Woodside is now developing the Scarborough gas field off the coast of Western Australia and expanding its Pluto LNG plant. The first shipment of LNG cargo to customers in north Asia is targeted for 2026.

The company has also announced plans to merge with BHP’s petroleum business to create a global top 10 independent energy company.

Beyond its established LNG business, Woodside recently secured land to develop hydrogen and ammonia production plants in Perth and  Tasmania, as well as the U.S. state of Oklahoma. These will supply Australian and international markets and leverage capabilities built on decades of reliable and affordable energy supply.

“We see hydrogen as a natural evolution to our Japan-related business and have conducted feasibility studies with our Japanese partners to establish a hydrogen value chain,” O’Neill explained.

“We have a long track record of working with Japanese partners and customers, and provide Japan with the energy it needs to keep the lights on and homes warm. We envision that the foundation built in the last three decades will serve us well for the future,” she concluded.