MOL Logistics UK Ltd., a member of Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Group (MOL), is a total logistics provider with over 30 years of commitment to the United Kingdom.

Offering cross-segment, tailor-made services, the company combines the best of Japanese and United Kingdom business culture to bridge both countries with the rest of the world.

Toru 'Tony' Oikawa, Managing Director MOL Logistics UK | © MOL
Toru ‘Tony’ Oikawa, Managing Director MOL Logistics UK | © MOL

“Our dedicated, proactive and creative specialists deliver unique solutions by working closely with our worldwide network,” said Toru “Tony” Oikawa, managing director of MOL Logistics UK.

“We listen to our customers and provide efficient logistics solutions. The quality of services we provide is of the utmost importance and we continuously improve our capabilities to support customers and advance their business.”

The company also provides air and sea transportation and removal services for customers relocating to Japan, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

Brexit, the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union in 2020, has led to changes in customs regulations, truck shortages and port congestion.

While this has put pressure on the logistics sector, MOL Logistics UK is able to meet customer demands through its expertise and commitment to delivering “best fit” solutions.

“Despite additional customs activities and regulations, we are seeing growth in our U.K./EU road-freight transport business and warehousing and import solutions,” Oikawa explained.

To avoid additional costs, British-based com­panies need their stock close by, and direct imports to the United Kingdom, rather than through European countries, are increasing.

“We are proud to support the British economy and facilitate global trade,” Oikawa said.

“Looking forward, we will expand our warehouse, strengthen our road freight segment and contribute to carbon reduction through our green projects and sustainability initiatives. We look forward to continuing our journey as a creative logistics partner, committed to keeping things moving.”