“Our success is driven by our ability to get the basics right — technical expertise, attention to detail, agreeing on deadlines, reasonable fees and clarity,” said Jon Fisher, deputy managing partner of Greenback Alan LLP.

The London-based accountancy firm goes the extra mile for clients by understanding their perspective well enough to anticipate their needs.

“Tax, accounting and auditing have undergone significant changes in recent years; not least in the context of both the pandemic and ‘Brexit’ — the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union — in 2020,” Fisher said.

“By keeping on top of these changes we can help clients weather the storm and take advantage of market opportunities.”

The firm works with British subsidiaries and branches of Japanese businesses in a range of industries. Half of Greenback Alan’s client-facing staff either speaks Japanese as their mother tongue or with sufficient fluency to discuss complex technical matters.

“We are well-versed in helping our clients build essential bridges between local and home-country business cultures and we assist in managing the inevitable tensions that arise from time to time,” Fisher said.

“We have worked with Japanese family-owned enterprises and large Japanese corporations for 30 years and understand the challenges facing business owners and executives across the Japanese business community.”

As the world settles into post-pandemic and post-Brexit realities, there are encouraging signs regarding the British economy and rebounding levels of foreign direct investment from Japan and the rest of the world.

“With excellent opportunities for acquisitions, collaborations and organic growth, the United Kingdom remains a welcoming place to do business,” stated Fisher.

“The United Kingdom is a key player in the evolution of financial technology, COP26 in Glasgow brought green-energy solutions and eco-industries to the fore and there is renewed vigor in the country’s manufacturing base.”

“Against this backdrop, we will support existing and future clients by lightening the compliance burden, advising on opportunities and helping businesses achieve greater profitability and growth.”