As the global business environment evolves, immigration has become more complex. Individuals seeking new international opportunities and companies looking to explore new markets need assistance in navigating rules and regulations, which means rising demand for immigration services.

Working closely with startups, small businesses and the world’s largest corporations, Fragomen LLP is committed to guiding individuals and companies through the immigration journey from start to finish.

Over the last 70 years, the firm’s problem-solvers, innovators and established thought leaders in immigration have enabled Fragomen to become an industry leader.

Reika Takeuchi, Solicitor, Japan Practice Manager at Fragomen | © FRAGOMEN
Reika Takeuchi, Solicitor, Japan Practice Manager at Fragomen | © FRAGOMEN

Today, the firm offers a range of international services, including consular services, crisis management services, digital nomad and employment-verification services, private client services as well as services relating to government relations, immigration compliance, training, sponsor license and work permit applications.

Offering support in over 170 countries, Fragomen has 4,500 immigration-focused professionals and staff and more than 55 offices worldwide.

The Asia-Pacific region is covered through its network of 12 regional offices, and the United Kingdom branch has offices in London and Sheffield.

Around 180,000 jobs have been created in the United Kingdom by approximately 1,000 Japanese companies now based in the country. As the United Kingdom continues to attract investment from Japan, Fragomen, with a dedicated Japan Practice, is well-positioned to serve Japanese companies there.

“With Brexit and a new immigration system, significant changes have been made to the United Kingdom’s immigration landscape,” said Reika Takeuchi, manager of Fragomen’s Japan Practice.

“With additional immigration concessions introduced by the Home Office to mitigate the impact of the pandemic, it is crucial for Japanese companies to understand the current immigration climate in the United Kingdom and remain compliant with new post-Brexit regulations, especially relating to hiring European Union nationals,” she said.

The firm’s dedicated Japan Practice offers strategic consultative services and support in Japanese to meet the full spectrum of business immigration needs in the United Kingdom and across the globe.