Ensuring a safe and steady food supply is a key global issue and a core strategic target for Nihon Nohyaku Ltd. As research and development drives environmentally conscious agricultural practices and crop protection, Nihon Nohyaku is committed to advancing the industry.

Group company Nichino Europe manages the development, registration and distribution of its parent company’s active ingredients in Europe and surrounding countries and is strengthening its commitment to customers.

Donald Westwater, Director and Head of Operations, Nichino Europe | © NICHINO EUROPE
Donald Westwater, Director and Head of Operations, Nichino Europe |

“As a research and development-oriented company, we deliver unique solutions to farmers to protect crops against diseases, pests and weeds,” said Donald Westwater, director and head of operations, Nichino Europe.

“Our European research and development capabilities, supported by our parent company, enable us to work closely with local partners, bring products to market effectively and independently generate trials data to investigate new ideas.”

With Japan or other Asian countries supplying the core active ingredients, Nichino Europe manufactures its advanced products in Europe. Across the continent, the company employs effective product life cycle management, regulatory process management and is developing “biological dossiers” to drive new business.

Operating in a fast-changing regulatory environment, Nichino Europe has an expert team operating across five European countries. The company approaches each European market individually and guarantees effective on-time product delivery through comprehensive logistics support.

An active member of industry organization Crop Life Europe, Nichino Europe’s in-house regulatory and development capabilities enable the company to continuously bring new products and solutions to market.

In 2022, Nichino Europe will introduce a new coformulation product for rhizoctonia disease-control in potatoes and an easier use formulation of pyraflufen-ethyl for weed control in top fruit and vine production.

“In Europe, the Middle East and Africa we will build on Nichino Europe’s reputation as an innovative technology-driven company and we will expand our offer to develop organic farming and biopesticide solutions for our international customers,” said Manfred Hilweg, managing director of Nichino Europe.

“We enjoy working with our partners and look forward to strengthening our role as an effective supplier of products and solutions with the backing of a truly global Japanese corporation.”