With a history dating back to 1779, Kurtz Ersa GmbH is a proud seven-generation technology company. Today, the company owns numerous patents and awards and employs 1,300 people in 135 countries.

Kurtz Ersa’s three business units are focused on electronics production equipment, automation and molding machines, and its innovative products and solutions are serving global manufacturing industries.

Uwe Rothaug, Managing Director of Kurtz Ersa GmbH | © KURTZ ERSA
Uwe Rothaug, Managing Director of Kurtz Ersa GmbH | © KURTZ ERSA

Innovation is key. Last year, Kurtz Ersa added 3D printing equipment to its portfolio with the Alpha 140. Combining innovative additive-manufacturing (3D printing) technology, ease of use and low system costs, the Alpha 140 is an optimal solution for the tool-free production of metal parts.

The company has also established a partnership with Laser Melting Innovations GmbH & Co. to develop metallic 3D laser printing solutions to midsize companies looking for a fast and cost-effective entry into additive-manufacturing printing.

Kurtz Ersa’s Wave Foamer incorporates radio frequency (RF) technology and won the Bavarian Energy Prize for outstanding achievement in the field of energy.

The revolutionary Kurtz RF technology saves up to 90% on energy costs and allows for the production of molded parts with high recycling ratios.

As Japan encourages companies to incorporate carbon dioxide reduction, recycling, and water and energy conservation, Kurtz Ersa is strengthening its position in Japan.

“We have a strong partner in Japan for our electronics production equipment and we are looking for an agent for our molding machine business to introduce our equipment to the Japanese market,” said Uwe Rothaug, managing director of Kurtz Ersa.

“With RF technology and 3D printing continuing to revolutionize the Japanese industrial market, it is the right time to enter Japan and reach out to new customers. Our new technologies are capable of taking on projects previously done by foundries. By delivering solutions which save on materials and energy consumption, we can offer a sustainable approach to companies who want to do better business.”

“From machine adaptations to targeted integration of sensor technologies, our solutions are tailor-made to meet the needs of our customers and we are excited to introduce our solutions to Japan. With the right partner and distribution channel, we will contribute to Japanese industry and be successful in Japan.”