Mitsubishi’s famous three-diamond logo is synonymous with the Mitsubishi Group’s leadership position in the global market.

Consisting of 295 group companies worldwide, the Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. group employs over 40,000 people globally.

While 2017 saw the company officially establish its European headquarters, the company originally established a liaison office in Duesseldorf 60 years ago this year.

Over the past decade, the company has grown through mergers and acquisitions and today Mitsubishi Chemical Europe (MCE) is integrating its group companies to create a stronger European presence.

Ansgar Pohl, President of Mitsubishi Chemical Europe | © MCE
Ansgar Pohl, President of Mitsubishi Chemical Europe | © MCE

“A year ago, we had 15 different group companies,” said MCE President Ansgar Pohl.

“Today we are consolidating our businesses to create synergies, strengthen our brand and promote our products, services and solutions to customers across Europe. Incorporating our group companies in Germany will enable us to strengthen our position in the marketplace and meet customer requirements and expectations.”

MCE offers an extensive portfolio of innovative and sustainable solutions for key industries, including automotive and medical devices.

Its products include carbon fibers and composites, polyester films, aluminum and metal composite sheets, aluminum fibers, surface technology for semiconductors, additives, sugar esters and performance polymers and biopolymers.

While MCE recently relocated its official headquarters to Frankfurt and now has a new showroom for products called the Marketing Technical Center, Duesseldorf remains a key location.

“Duesseldorf is an important base for us and continues to serve as our regional office,” said Pohl. “As the center of our trading business, we have over 200 employees in Duesseldorf.”

With a robust company structure and a recognized brand name, MCE is in a strong position to implement its Kaiteki philosophy.

“We aim to promote our Kaiteki philosophy, which is based on our desire to contribute to the well-being of people, society and our planet.  And our mission statement describes how we plan to do this. We will utilize the power of chemistry to save our planet and create a prosperous and sustainable future together,” Pohl said.

“Germany and Japan both have very strong technology bases and the synergies we have created within our company in Europe will enable us to contribute to society and lead sustainability initiatives across the continent.”