Since launching its Internet of Things platform in 2013, ClearBlade has become a strategic partner for major businesses searching to digitize their operational processes and also anticipate future problems, whatever they may be.

By developing a powerful cloud agnostic IoT platform and Edge platform, the Austin-based company is able to deliver rapid value without the need for expensive developer teams and offer innovative products and solutions that operate across a client’s system, networks, devices and different protocols regardless of size, distance, or complexity of the task.

Among the success stories of ClearBlade is Sumitomo Corporation of Americas, which is considering applications for use in its water, infrastructure, energy, oil and gas, transportation, and public safety projects in the United States. Thanks to ClearBlade’s Intelligent Assets, the Japanese conglomerate will be able to monitor its projects in real time, identify areas of improvement, and take immediate resolving actions.

One of the most talked-about topics in the area of sustainability has been the reduction of the carbon footprint and the use of resources, like water, in industrial processes.

Leveraging ClearBlade’s IoT, cloud computing, edge computing, and artificial intelligence software capability, Sumitomo would be able to manage its performance in terms of sustainability, particularly in its reduction of carbon emissions and wastewater.

“We have enjoyed a very collaborative and harmonious relationship with Sumitomo Corporation of Americas over the past few years. We are working collaboratively across several Sumitomo businesses around the world to drive digital transformation and reduce carbon emissions. This is something I am honored to be a part of with Sumitomo,” said ClearBlade co-founder and CEO Eric Simone.